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sp weapon sounds into multiplayer (ww2 guns)
Has anyone been able to get sounds for the ww2 guns (mosin, ppsh, etc) into multiplayer? If so could you point me in the right direction, can't figure it out Sad. I followed the tutorial in Black Ops tutorial for the mosin but all that does is bring in a fire sound (dragunov sound) and nothing else, I need reload sounds, pulling bolt up down, forward and backward. Thanks for any help.
fly_mosin_slide_up_plr    wpn\sniper\ww2\Mosin_Nagant\Foley\fly_mosin_bolt_up.wav
fly_mosin_slide_back_plr    wpn\sniper\ww2\Mosin_Nagant\Foley\fly_mosin_bolt_back_2.wav
fly_mosin_slide_forward_plr    wpn\sniper\ww2\Mosin_Nagant\Foley\fly_mosin_bolt_forward.wav
fly_mosin_slide_down_plr    wpn\sniper\ww2\Mosin_Nagant\Foley\fly_mosin_bolt_down.wav
fly_mosin_mag_in_plr    wpn\assault\m14\reload\fly_m14_mag_out.wav
fly_mosin_mag_out_plr    wpn\assault\m14\reload\fly_m14_mag_in.wav
fly_mosin_tap_plr    wpn\sniper\wa2000\reload\fly_wa2000_tap.wav

I found these in the wpn_ww2.csv but it didn't do anything when I put it in my mod. What files control the sounds for weapons like the l96a1 reload?...I don't see lines for reload in the default_sp.all.csv and there is nothing in the l96a1 weapon file either. Halp, must have reload sounds for my mosin! :/


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