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private match maps won't work with mods!
I have many mods downloaded, everytime i use a mod, it works in combat training, but when i go to private match it says "error you do not have this map. buy map packs from steam". one time it said that, but in front of the error message, was the RT sign from Xbox. I only use the maps that came with black ops, because i do not have any map packs at the moment. this has been happening for as long as i can remember. i do not have the cracked version, i bought the game on steam. thank you
First of all, we do not support cracked version so that is not the problem. Secondly, we only support the pc version on steam so it should work. Third, most mods work on all maps, espicially on the maps that came with black ops.

Tell us how you started the mod so we can help you.

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