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iEdit my stats [prestige 20]
reuploaded right table and i will complete all classes adress soon ( privatematch ).
Anyway ready to use for freeweek.


Another free week and a new table to unlock everything, 1 kill to unlock weapon level, some round for titles.
after last update infinite ammo and godmode will crash the game after 1 round in mp, even hosting private match ...
seam nomore funny time......

finally some one made it work the last version,,xd thanks

How do I edit weapon levels?

(05-05-2012, 22:06)Mizzou Wrote: How do I edit weapon levels?

Sorry find out now that was not complete table, so update in first post and to use it press "F1", close table and play 1 round. Need 1 kill for each weapon to get level 31 but remain it after game restart so need run weapon level only one time.

Isn't this VAC bannable?
From what I know altering the memory in a VAC enabled game will get you VAC banned.

God Mode doesn't work. Just makes it look like your hurt but you still have health and can die.

Is there going to be one more because of the recent update of MW3?

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