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gay black ops
Perm banned for playing legit. logic approved. Used no mods or anything, this guy was camping in corner, we had UAV, he was spotted, I aimed for him, he killed me once, I killed him the second time and I was banned forever with no reason. Support refuses to unban or supply a reason. Its not VAC its a server ban.
then play on another server
Server Banned forever from everything including zombies.
Are you banned from a single server or do you get a message when starting up Black Ops that you are banned?
ivankec hack is detectable
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(04-08-2012, 21:08)Bangarang Wrote: Its not VAC its a server ban.

Like others already said: just play on another server. Serveradmins are bastards, they do not love others owning them, that is why they ban you if you are pro. They do not care if you cheated or not: it's just an excuse.
Can't even get past play menu.................
it says "You are banned from playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops servers"
Can't even do zombies.
well then create a new steam account, buy a new cd key or just leave the game as it is /shit
It pisses me off that I spend that much $ to be banned for no reason.
(04-09-2012, 00:55)Bangarang Wrote: It pisses me off that I spend that much $ to be banned for no reason.

no reason? vac does not ban for no reason... HAX00RR!!!

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