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Tutorial Loading mods for campaign/nazi zombies
what? how? i tried including wpn_zpu_antiair_player by maing vehicles folder and place it there. i edit it wpn_zpu_antiair_player to have different weapon. it didnt work. how do i load other stuffs then?
Uh... i can't get it.. like how do i load the mod menu on Zombies?.... i don't get it.
(03-06-2013, 01:02)ItsEffecT Wrote: Uh... i can't get it.. like how do i load the mod menu on Zombies?.... i don't get it.

Simple. An example that i made. Decompile zombietron_patch.ff and export all the gsc. Then edit the ones you want. like maps\zombietron.gsc. After that make a folder in your mods folder. Make sure it doesnt have mp_ or else it wont be detected by the menu. The mods are listed in letters. A to z. menu doesnt display mods name, so be sure you picked the right 1. it will say launch without mods if u succeded loading a mod. So it should slook like this in the path. mods\zombietron\maps\zombietron.gsc. Done. you loaded gsc script mod. for zombies. You can do this with any map. singleplayer campaing or zombies. Any zombie or campaign map. But you can only use gsc. So any assets like modifed vehicles or weapons is impossible to have, without proper mod.ff loading function.

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