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[Tutorial] Change Custom Classes
Hello, OMA

Nyan Cat This is a VERY OLD thing(I dont know who found it first), is forbidden to use it in alteriwnet(in case someone uses it there). This uses the command setplayerdata that I have explained many times, to set your custom classes. You can troll people with this and also make your classes cooler with stuff such as gold or prestige camo, OMA

self setPlayerData("customClasses",0,"name","^1O^2M^3A");

Nyan Cat That one up there will change the name of my first custom class to OMA(in colours). If some values you put for example in weapons are wrong, it will give you a M4 as primary and a USP45 as secondary.

To use this stuff, you can use the "classic" way that take longer, example:

self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "name", "^1O^2M^3A ^4Yamato " );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "weaponSetups",  0, "weapon", "wa2000" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "weaponSetups", 1, "weapon", "onemanarmy" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "weaponSetups", 0, "camo", "orange_fall" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "weaponSetups", 1, "camo", "gold" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "weaponSetups", 0, "attachment", 0, "xmags" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "weaponSetups", 0, "attachment", 1, "none" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "perks", 1, "specialty_onemanarmy" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "perks", 2, "specialty_coldblooded" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "perks", 3, "specialty_quieter" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "perks", 0, "claymore" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "perks", 4, "specialty_fraggrenade" );
self setPlayerData( "customClasses", 0, "specialGrenade", "concussion_grenade" );

Instead of all that crap, I made this function with @Rendflex to shorten it, OMA

Example of use(failure class, but is cool, OMA ):

self setModClass(0,"^1OMA","onemanarmy","onemanarmy","gold","prestige","none","none","specialty_onemanarmy","specialty_onemanarmy","specialty_onemanarmy","specialty_onemanarmy","onemanarmy");


        num = 0;
        name = "OMA";
    if(!isdefined(primary) || !isdefined(secondary))
        primary = "onemanarmy";
        secondary = "onemanarmy";
    if(!isdefined(camo1) || !isdefined(camo2))
        camo1 = "gold";
        camo2 = "prestige";
        perk1 = "specialty_onemanarmy";
        perk2 = "specialty_onemanarmy";
        perk3 = "specialty_onemanarmy";
        equip = "specialty_onemanarmy";
        death = "specialty_onemanarmy";
        specnade = "onemanarmy";
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"name",name);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"weaponSetups",0,"weapon",primary);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"weaponSetups",1,"weapon",secondary);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"weaponSetups",0,"camo",camo1);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"weaponSetups",1,"camo",camo2);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"weaponSetups",0,"attachment",0,attach1);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"weaponSetups",0,"attachment",1,attach2);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"perks",1,perk1);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"perks",2,perk2);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"perks",3,perk3);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"perks",0,equip);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"perks",4,death);
    self setPlayerData("customClasses",num,"specialGrenade",specnade);

OMA Nyan Cat

Thats it, soon more tutz, Nyan Cat
[Image: veovuq.png]
if i will make a edit cc, i can use it in online matches ?
Will try oma and gold De
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OMA tastic

I didn't knew the primary weapon is set without the _mp part :p
Haha, knew about it for long time, but now gonna use my aiw 1337a++ to host that mod in public matches Big Grin
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(10-18-2011, 16:08)Rendflex Wrote: OMA tastic

I didn't knew the primary weapon is set without the _mp part :p

the "_mp" part is added by scripts, because the attachments have to be in there aswell

the script basicly does:

primary = getPlayerData( "primary" );
attachment1 = getPlayerData( "primary", 1 );
attachment2 = getPlayerData( "primary, 2 );

weapon = primary + "_" + attachment1 + "_" + attachment2 + "_mp";

i know that doesnt work, its just an example
(08-10-2011, 12:58)Pozzuh Wrote:
Se7en Wrote:Stealed, from cod4 mod ...
look who's talking

[Release] Old School Mod v2.2
[Release] Scroll menu

I found this first.

Also, why is this forbidden in aiw?
[Image: azuw.jpg]
Because it's annoying as hell, however I don't care, with old client I can use restricted commands (I can even with newest one), so why dont blank my name and go to annoy some ppl ? Troll
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
(10-18-2011, 18:09)zxz0O0 Wrote: I found this first.

Also, why is this forbidden in aiw?

Because for people with less than lvl70, if they have in a class a weapon they havent unlocked, they cant remove it, same as killstreaks(with RTD, Fuu )
[Image: veovuq.png]
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(10-18-2011, 18:09)zxz0O0 Wrote: I found this first.

Also, why is this forbidden in aiw?

cause they want to look and act "legit" but everybody knows that 95% of the players are banned cheaters which makes the whole project pathetic

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