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Server cannot conect to service
when i run mw3 server its stay in conecting to service .....
all ports are open!
i test it with ore without addon and same problem !
what can i do ?
[Image: 732f5-63-11-137-Remote-Desktop-Connection-2.jpg]
(perhaps that problem happen after i used jump plugin but i deled it and same problem! i runed mw3 server on this computer many times but never have this problem! )

Close the Steam app and try to drop steam.dll to server directory.
.. also rename the thread.
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(07-14-2014, 17:17)SailorMoon Wrote: Close the Steam app and try to drop steam.dll to server directory.
.. also rename the thread.

dosent fix !
when i restart vps at first seconds of start up server conect to service but maps not loaded !

uh is this tekno or steam ..

nvm i see its steam
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