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[Release] [contest]Leipe GunGame
This is the first case i had. you run it in private match?
[Image: 41295377.jpg]
Best Gungame I've ever seen in the CoD Series.

I was confused at level 23 though (first time you have to use nades) because my level 22 weapon didn't get taken away.

Also the game kept saying that I was placed 6 (playing vs veteran bots; they cheat hard!) and then I suddenly won?!
This may caused by a weapon the bots dont know. Like throwing grenades. They think it's a primary weapon, so thats where you can come closer to the top!

PS. Don't know when i've got time to finish the next releaseversion, but i will give some info that you have to use nades on that level. I already putted it in hintmessages at start, but it isnt enough indeed!
[Image: 41295377.jpg]
Isn't it possible to take your old weapon away and force people/bots to use nades?
(09-20-2011, 15:31)SuperNovaAO Wrote: Isn't it possible to take your old weapon away and force people/bots to use nades?

I think it is! surely take this with me in the next release
[Image: 41295377.jpg]
Just put the frag button as attack button ?
Something like if attackbuttonpressed = throw grenade

Ps: is there a way to edit it on my own ? I want to add some little changes and some hintmessages specially for my server but i dont know how because whe i decrypt it and encrypt it again the mod is obviously bugged

Pps: i am hosting the mod on my unranked server, not private.
Well, it's encrypted for a reason.....
Search for FF editor on this board.
Getting tired of people changing things and become an hero :p
[Image: 41295377.jpg]
(09-21-2011, 10:18)SuperNovaAO Wrote: Search for FF editor on this board.

FF editor doesn't open .ff files that are compiled with the linker
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

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