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Release [contest] Get the Specials
This one is outdated, click here for the newest version
[img][Image: gtsbackground.jpg][/img]

This is the Get the Specials mod.
In this mod your goal is to get 50 points to teleport to the "Special Platform".
Every kill you get 2 points, every assist you get 1 point and teamkills will give you -2 points.

The platform:

On this platform you could use the 'Specials'.
There are 6 boxes where you could get your specials from.
You have got 15 seconds to select your specials, after the 15 seconds a selector will pop up and then you have to select where you want to spawn.

[img][Image: platformgts.png][/img]


1. a Random Special Weapon (mystery box).
2. a Random Killstreak [box1].
3. a Random Killstreak [box2].
4. a Death Machine.
5. a Grim Reaper.
6. a Perks Box.


In the start:

-You will get a random weapon, without attachements (one special weapon --> WEAPON_DEFAULT).
-You get 2 perks: marathon and lightweight.
-You get a Creek knife
-Tips will show up for some good info.

[img][Image: defaultgts.png][/img]


All maps supported. Wink

mystery box:
-Singleplayer weapons (this weapons have 1 shot kill [most times])
-Two ZombieMode weapons
-a few Multiplayer weapons, with attachement.
-a weapon that shoots strela rockets.

-The SP reload sounds dont work. (will fix that soon [next release])
-the ZM weapon reload sound doesnt work.(fix that also soon)
-You won't get the Death Machine immediately(press F two times)
will fix that

eliteCVDelite: created the mod
Tomsen1410: for helping me with teleport code


if you do TDM dont set score limit to 7500 because i think you wont get to the platform --> make it more or just do a other gametype.

ps. (idk if the attachement is good -> just added the files)

Attached Files
.rar   mp_GtS.rar (Size: 4.44 MB / Downloads: 199)
Black Ops Mods:

RPG(rocket launcher) mod
Get the Specials

Old aliasses:


[-] The following 9 users say Thank You to Xzite for this post:
  • Arteq, d0h!, iAegle, JariZ, met94, Nekochan, Pozzuh, surtek, Yamato
add yourself to the credits!
i helped you 2 Tongue
ontopic: sweet mod, gonna vote for it for sure
everybody writes my name wrong Fuu
[Image: ctoc.jpg]
Why do you use care packages when we have got the mod tools? Tongue

Anyways, good job!
will vote for you! Tongue
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
Nice mod!
Reminds me Sky Base Mod Tongue
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
yea. i <3 custom mapping, and mystery box is here and interesting gameplay. 5 stars bro. i think thats the best mod FOR ME on BO ive ever seen Tongue
get yo +rep
[Image: 10108644.jpg]
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
(09-19-2011, 18:39)jariz Wrote: i helped you 2 Tongue
ontopic: sweet mod, gonna vote for it for sure

but i didnt used it sorry(it was laggy :/)
Black Ops Mods:

RPG(rocket launcher) mod
Get the Specials

Old aliasses:


That's not my mystery box, is it?

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