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Release Zdaclash Texture Hack v3
We missed v2 but v3 is here.

[Image: aaahax.png]

Now you can have:
  • team 1 blue
  • team 2 green
  • weapons and explosives yellow

Only CRC is exact, but I used v1 with only CRC exact and still not banned.
So I think it's not bannable, but use on your own risk.

How to use:
Open in main folder iw_01.iwd,iw_02.iwd,iw_03.iwd,iw_04.iwd,iw_06.iwd,iw_07.iwd with WinRAR/WinZip/7Zip.
Replace files from iw_01.iwd,iw_02.iwd,iw_03.iwd,iw_04.iwd,iw_06.iwd,iw_07.iwd with my ones.

  • zdaclash for all
  • SuperNovaAO for CRC fixer

.rar   Zdaclash_texture_hack_v3.rar (Size: 286.64 KB / Downloads: 219)

Notes: the creator said this one is partially broken and he will update it tomorrow

The texture hack looks so weird on the bots.

great job on this, looks very usefull.

Just one question :

Quote Originally Posted by mbeem View Post
hi guys i'm a newbie here and would like to post something that i found about textures being bannable or not. This is a fresh info from steam support:

"Use caution when installing any game modifications, such as scripts or custom skins. Only download custom content from trusted sources. Hackers sometimes maliciously disguise their cheats to cause others to get banned."


Now if i understand it correctly you CAN use modded skins but if you download ones with another cheat secretly put in it, that secret cheat, not the textures themselves, will trigger the ban. Correct me if I'm wrong but i understand it this way.
You won't get banned for a non-executable download. The above only states the obvious.

Is it bannable ??? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<=

i dont know if they actually ban for it but i dont care either and using texture hack since i created my 2nd account.

(11-23-2010, 15:07)d0h! Wrote: i dont know if they actually ban for it but i dont care either and using texture hack since i created my 2nd account.

I can't afford second account Wink

What they mean with the source: Hackers might put tools (EXE files) along skins that enforce the game to load it. This is necessary in competitive games for the Source Engine.

Call of Duty was never made to be played competitively and therefore this will work and will be UD.

The Valve Anti-Cheat system is enabled for servers displaying the Secured shield logo. Using custom skins, sounds or maps and playing multi-player mods which do not modify core .EXE and .DLL files will not result in a VAC ban

Or will they still ban in non valve games?

Thats the question

That is exactly what everybody wants to know, but i doubt that they will ban for textures. no reports of a ban since a week or more

is this patched or just the (texture installer v3) method does not working ? working on create a class textures and combat training !

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