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Release Texture Hack V1
[Image: unbenanntapk.jpg]

Open iw_01.iwd,iw_02.iwd,iw_03.iwd in main folder with winrar.
Replace files from iw_01.iwd,iw_02.iwd,iw_03.iwd with my ones.

ZdaClash v1

Steam Terms updated

Skins got removed from the overall terms and only for Valve Games it specifically says that they won't ban for it.
So they are allowed to ban for skins in CoD6/CoD7

Attached Files
.rar   Texture Hack by ZdaClash.rar (Size: 476.75 KB / Downloads: 141)
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lol I stopped using it right now, good know
i wanna make your babies! thanks.
updated, pls be careful, you are responsible for all your actions
(11-12-2010, 12:41)Massefect Wrote: OMG!!!

THX dude,,I hope that it will not ban ,, you know checker iwi or something?

apparently VAC will ban for custom models in non-Valve games now but I'm sure just like with other hacks, it will fail.
Good that you managed to get that working dude Wink
Do all the new texture files match the original texture files in size? From what I hear that would be the only way VAC can tell the difference.
you need to fix the crc and add some nulled spaces to the file until you reach the original size
(11-12-2010, 19:12)d0h! Wrote: you need to fix the crc and add some nulled spaces to the file until you reach the original size

Just checking. The files you provided have correct crc's and size, or do we still need to do this ourselves?
the filesizes of the posted texture hack does not fit. only crc fix
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to d0h! for this post:
  • meaxx

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