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Release Steam ClientRegistry Toolkit 0.5.1
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS! You use this and any other program you download from the internet at your own risk.

The ClientRegistry Toolkit is a tool which allows you to edit Steam's blob files just like the Windows Registry Editor. It fully supports working with both "ClientRegistry.blob" and "AppUpdateStats.blob" as well as most other blob registry formats used by Steam. This version also has a somewhat modular architecture, so you can write plugins to handle new data types.

Currently there are 4 plugins that come with the program:
BlobViewer--used for viewing raw blob files;
KeyBlob--used for viewing the user's tickets for a given application;
PublicKey--used for viewing the SteamInstancePublicKey; and
ContentDescriptionRecord--used for visually analyzing all of the sections in the content description record.

There is also limited support for multiple languages. Currently only German is partially supported (thanks to Google). Other languages could be made, but nobody has translated it yet. However, because I speak English only, I have not tested the multilingual functionality of this program--so it may not even work.

If anyone wishes to use this software for their own projects, they can--provided that they comply with the GNU LGPL license. I have built a compatibility layer for COM (though it is completely untested--make a reference to SteamReg.tlb). It also will obviously work for anyone using .NET 2.0 or higher.

[Image: crtoolkitpi4.jpg]
[Image: crtoolkitcdrlk5.jpg]

.NET Framework 2.0 or higher is required to run this application.

Source Code
You can view the source at my Subversion repository (using either the online viewer or your own SVN client). Please note that the source code is licensed under the GNU LGPL license. (So you can use it freely in any applications you want, but any changes to my source code must also be licensed under the LGPL.)

SVN Main Trunk (this may require a login, and I don't know what Assembla's anonymous user stuff is): (View Online)

To access the source code for the 0.5.1 release: (View Online)


Attached Files
.rar   ClientRegistryToolkit.rar (Size: 424.59 KB / Downloads: 2,828)

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