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Release Mossy v9 (Edited by BLoKK187)
Hey guys.

Just wanted to post about a mod menu that has caught my attention.

This Mod menu is called Mossy's v9 pro (edited by BLoKK187).
This mod menu has everything that you could want in one.

Probably the best I have ever run into. I have been looking for a Mossy pro for years now and I have finally found the best one. Of course it's edited by BLoKK187, but he put in some more features that just blow me away.

There are some bugs within the mod menu though such as:
Security Problem: Nothing serious but whenever you try to make yourself a certain prestige, it kicks you from the lobby complaining about a security problem.
Binding Problems: Problems with some of the mods that require you to press "3" in order to activate. Just remember to unbind them. (that is, just go back to the menu, and press the thing again)

Anyway, here are the controls:
N: open menu
5: scroll down
N(WHILE MENU IS OPEN): scroll up
4: switch menus

Other controls will be told on the screen when you select certain things.
You have to use MW2 Liberation in order for this to work.

(All downloads are direct downloads)
Here is the download link:
*removed outside link, not allowed. also thread already posted*
Need MW2 Liberation? Download v1.06 with 35 mods!!!
Download Link:
*removed outside link, not allowed. also thread already posted*
The DropBox link is broken Fuu lol
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hahaha lolz a bit late i think
Wasnt this posted already?
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