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Release MOSSY v9.12 Re-edit by BloKK187
OK OK... so heres my Best Mod Menu EVER!!!
First some words:
Ive RE-edited this menu alot..
I like the Basic one but there was alot of things ive missed in a BEAST-Menu..
so i took the Mossy v9.12 and re-edited it to the best menu EVER!! Troll

If youre NEW in MW2_Liberation and Mods.. Download this one and youre The BOSS of the Lobby.. Awesome
If you already have experience, now CodMw2 is in your Hands!

ATTENTION: Dont abuse this Menu to corrupt others or dont derank them just for fun! Thats BULLSHIT!
Use it Fair and you have full Lobbys and Happy Players in it..

- Advanced Pet-Pavelow Guns (btw here its mi28)
- Advanced ''upgraded'' Infections
- almost all Killstreaks Modifyed
- Menu Colours, Background changed
- MOAB dropped from B2 Bomber
- Set player on Fire modifyed to Burning/Smoking Heads ^^
- Angry Bird complete Customized Munition.. (more realistic)
- CoD Sniper sound changed (thx yamato)
- Super Airdrop Crates now more Sentrys (cause Sentry gun can be placed everywhere and never Overheats and dont destroy themself)
- Now on FORGE MODE crates can't be destroyed (what a stupid idea from mossy)
- The GSCs now more clearly arranged (if you wanna modify more, mossys GSCs was a huge Mess)
- Nuke don't ends Game
- ''give Nuke player'' no longer available (thats for Kids)
- Kill-text changed xD
- KicK-Text now naughty
- END CREDITS updated
- Cool AC 130 Flytime: 1:11 minutes/more Angelflaires against stingers/more realistic reload-time
- ZOMBIE FOG at your command..
- Javi Macross Upgraded (6-10 at once, raining down on enemies)
- Spam Text Changed
- Scare Players now FeaRSoMe
- Massage Menu completely overhauled
- Force Host: all time Best Settings (Host Dvars thx @ all other Coder here)
and lot more CooL StuFF.....!

-Menu Access for more than 3 or 4 will stress the Console and soon your Lobby gets an overload/overflow.. and whole Lobby Colapse.
-die immediately after called MEGA-Airdrop stops drop and leaves the plane circling in the air
- High Ping/Mega-Airdrop + much menu commands cause Console overload/unknown command
- on Mega-Airdrop or double Mega-Airdrop, sometimes parts of Menu go invisible but
resolves itself after a few minutes or if dropcrates got picked up (don't stress the menu)

my last words:
So now Enjoy one of my best mods ever!!
ive sayed MY.. so all MODS are unique in their own way!
and this Forum contains a Huuuuuuge bunch of other Great Mods.

Special thanks to DoH! + Yamato !! Thank you guys 4 your knowhow Wink

to Mossy: youre a Script bandit.. I've made ​​it easy as you!
N - Call up Menu main screen / scroll up in menu
5 - scroll drown in menu
4 - change to 1 of 3 Headbars: Main Menu - Players - Players Extra
R - 1 step back.. and close Menu
SPACE - Enter your selected command


Enjoy it.. Heart give me thanks and i will release more stuFF..

Heres the MOD RAR:

.rar   BLoKK187\'s Mossy v9.12.zero chance edit.rar (Size: 132.13 KB / Downloads: 3,613)
[Image: Riot_cop_point_blank.gif?]
Troll ------------------- GIRL vs JUGGERNAUT ------------------ Troll

[-] The following 11 users say Thank You to BloKK187 for this post:
  • alvarogt95, Arteq, BHF98, d0h!, ddaavvee, GoD_139, iga000, JariZ, joeyb, surtek, Yamato
woh sounds great, do u have a video?
(08-17-2011, 02:45)jariz Wrote: woh sounds great, do u have a video?
Nope sry.. no Video..
I never need a record programm for my games.. so i wont Install and record only cause this one..
simple load down and you be surpriZzed.. no vids needed Big Grin
DONT forget the THANK YOU button

[Image: Riot_cop_point_blank.gif?]
Troll ------------------- GIRL vs JUGGERNAUT ------------------ Troll

Good job and thanks for crediting me, OMA
[Image: veovuq.png]
Nice Nyan Cat
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
(08-17-2011, 09:55)Yamato Wrote: Good job and thanks for crediting me, OMA

No Problem Bro.. Tongue

[Image: Riot_cop_point_blank.gif?]
Troll ------------------- GIRL vs JUGGERNAUT ------------------ Troll

thanks @BloKK187 Awesome
hey guys!
I've a problem, after I played this mod my game crashes everytime after a couple of minutes.
I think that it's not because I've played the mod but it is something with the game because I played normal and the same problem was there. Now I'm reinstalling mw2, I hope I can play again my mods.
put your shit in a HELP section.. dont post it here


[Image: Riot_cop_point_blank.gif?]
Troll ------------------- GIRL vs JUGGERNAUT ------------------ Troll

BloKK i respect you as a modder, but smile is my friend too. no offense please.
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]

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