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Release MW3 null file's For Dedicated Servers
You get kicked on the client if the CRC32 is not equal to the local file.

The size is even less, all works!

Attached Files
.rar   main_IWD.rar (Size: 666.32 KB / Downloads: 124)

and what different with first post ?? just lick that and you just deleted the localization files!!(last 5 iwd archives)

I deleted nothing, files the localisation for the server are not necessary and packed iwd with the smaller size )

So this won't work without a modified exe, right?

Tested and (finally) approved.
This doesn't work with the Steam version, but it does now, with the latest (at the time, version of TeknoMW3.

Talking about null files, since many people still organize cod4 tournaments at LAN parties, I've been trying to null cod4 iwds, but with no success.
I didn't manage because the client keeps getting kicked upon connect, because of different iwd.
Yes, I've tried SuperNovaAO's crc fixer.
I've been googling a bit about it and didn't find anything about it either.
Did anyone here ever (try/seen something about) null cod4 iwd files?


If it's hostile, you kill it.

I've tried creating my own tool that nulls all iwd's in 5 minutes, however the hashes don't match and I get 'files different' error.
@OzonE Please stay on-topic
edit: It should work for cod4 as well when I get it working

in my thread (MW3 dedicated server filesize) someone posted a working set ive been using for months now Smile
Had a life, Got a modem..

(12-15-2011, 23:40)Nukem Wrote:
(12-15-2011, 23:33)SuperNovaAO Wrote: Easy to bypass that problem @Nukem
Did it a long time ago.
Then Valve gave up enforcing file consistency on non-valve-official servers on L4D(2).

Same method works (worked on MW2) on MW3 (guess).

You still need an edited server executable though, but would you mind giving a hint as to where it kicks the person?

sv_pure -> nothing
log kick funtions -> nothing
strings -> found nothing
Just included these and got the "files different from server" error removed the IWD's and inputted original worked again..

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