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Release MW3 Team Defender for MW2
Oneflag MOD that works like the Team Defender Game Mode of MW3

when match starts, the first player to be killed drops a flag that both team must capture.
when your team has the flag, team score is double than normal.
when your team mates kills an enemy, you get bonus XP while carrying the captured flag
when the enemy kills the flag carrier, he drops a white flag that any team can capture, the killer of the carrier gets a bonus score.
while having the flag with you, the entire enemy team can see you in minimap and on screen, also your team mates can see you and protect you.
proper leader dialogs that works on any localization of the game.

Known issues:
none. (I hope xD)

Right now is being used on Server MORE CLAN (thanks Foxtrot)
Current server Maps with this MOD: Terminal, Bailout, Scrapyard and TrailerPark.
TDEF is compatible with any map.

x3 cant post video, but here's a link:

The game mode is quite fun because team work is essential to overcome enemy team while trying to capture the flag. just copy it to MAIN folder of the game server.
Please post your thoughts, suggestions and constructive critics here.

Add this to your server.cfg
//Team Defender Dvars
set scr_oneflag_timelimit "12" // round time limit
set scr_oneflag_scorelimit "7500" // round score limit
set scr_oneflag_score_kill "50"
set scr_oneflag_team_assist "20" // player assist score when holds the flag
set scr_oneflag_kill_carrier "100"
set scr_oneflag_capture "100"
set scr_oneflag_firstblood "100"
set scr_oneflag_roundlimit "0" // maximum amount of rounds
set scr_oneflag_winlimit "1" // amount of wins needed to win a round-based game


To use:
change gametype to oneflag, and you're done. it does not interfere with another game types.
g_gametype oneflag

Special Thanks to: DEREKTROTTER for mw3 gsc rip.

Please feel free to use the code for whatever you want :3

O___O wtf it worked...

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 9.05 KB / Downloads: 258)

looks good

nice, I shell place in list

cool release
think im going to play this on mw2
with my friends

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