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Release MW2_Liberation V.1.05 Beta
liberation is not blocked and all functions like f5 to start the game are fine?

I could try disabling the antivirus and internet security. Then try doinh it agaim. Would reseeting stats make it easier? Since after i passed the 25 k kills boundary it became hard to find a game....Liberations functions work just ok.. The problem starts after i configure how i want the lobby and start it. None joins.

hmm strange, try if friends can join

My friends can join me if i inv or they press join game. I was playing with them for 30ins and non else joined. That was the weird part

then your host is not public, dont start a private match!

I went from find game!! :o

I used to be able to get bots in a private match with some button but not sure if I still can so can I?

Does this work for alterIWnet?
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still undetected?

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