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Release MW2_Liberation V.1.05 Beta
(03-17-2011, 11:14)kakosoe Wrote: Ye i know doh:p

Then why did u ask?

Because he might ve known wether it was safe for now. Ofc he wouldn't guarantee for the future if he knew for now. And thats what i knew.

Is there any way to remove the "please donate to agentgod" thingie in the left side? Cus im recording and it kinda looks like im hacking with that thing on.. however its just to choose the map i want Smile ?

Btw how come nobody joins a lobby i create? I am not banned. And still i wait 10 mins and non joins

is your nat open?

Yes it is...

description read?

Lobby hotkeys:
F4 - Host a public ranked match with custom settings - Go to "Find Game", choose your favorite game type,
and then hit the hotkey. Customize the settings however
you'd like, and then hit F5 to start the game when ready.

Note: MAKE SURE that you hit hotkey BEFORE the game joins a lobby.

Thats what i do but the problem is that it stays at the 50 ms thing and it doesn't seem to do anything. Without liberation the first time i open mw2 it takes lot of time to find server. After the first server then it finds one easier. Its weird

that could happen if you were aimbotin alot, reset your stats

Like k/d ratio? It is about 1.60 legitly..i have like 28k kills and 15 k deaths....Didnt really hack on this account except liberation the last 3 days

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