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Release Black Tomato M 0.4.2 BETA // Ingame Admin Menu
Black Tomato M 0.4.2 BETA // Ingame Admin Menu

The Black Tomato M is a complete In-Game admin system for Black Ops similar to the Menu Mod from COD4/WAW. Featuring complete control over rcon and groups without giving out any RCON password and execute commands in-game without the console. This mod also includes the first ever AutoKick for the Second Chance Perk!

[Image: 10zu79x.png]
[Image: 35007799.png]
[Image: 34682834.png]
[Image: 12462292.png]

  • Rank System with higher admins with higher commands
  • Warn, Kick, Ban, and Tempban commands
  • !me command to pm user GUID
  • Admin can set the next map
  • In game Chat Logging
  • Colorized Chat with Clan members/Commands
  • Backend rcon admin
  • Player Database
  • Execute any Rcon command through In-Game Chat
  • Create and control up to 10 different User Groups
  • Reserved Slots the way there meant to be - Kicks person with lowest score and won't kick admins
  • Ability to autokick players with Invalid Names (Unknown Soldier) or xbox symbols
  • Custom welcome messages and banner rotations
  • Autokick/Autowarn for 2nd Chance Perk!
  • Complete Weapon Kick system for weapons, killstreaks and attachments
  • Language Filter
  • Complete Auto Playlist
  • Rank System

The following commands are available for the release of the Black Tomato mod 0.4.2 More commands and custom ones will be added later.
  • !Ban [player or id] [optional reason] - Bans the player from the server
  • !Kick [player or id] [optional reason] - Kicks the player from the server
  • !Warn [player or id] [optional reason] - Sends private PM Warn to the player
  • !Admincheck - Checks the current group the player is in
  • !Rules - Displays the rules to the server
  • !Me - Sends a PM to the user with their GUID and name
  • !Nextmap - Shows the nextmap in the rotation or if a map has been set
  • !DefaultMap - Resets the map rotation to default
  • !Setgroup [player or id] [group] - Sets the player to that group
  • !Map [map name] - Sets the nextmap
  • !Kill - Closes down the Black Tomato Mod
  • !Say [message] - Sends a message through the console to the chat
  • !Rcon [command] - Executes any Rcon command
  • !Uptime - Shows current uptime of the server
  • !PL - PM's all online players with their slot numbers
  • !Tempban [player or id] [optional reason] - Tempbans the user for a certain amount of time
  • !Reserved - Frees up a slot on the server with the player in the default usergroup with the lowest score
  • !Cmd - Show all available commands under that group
  • !Groups - Shows available groups
  • !Killed - Displays the last person who killed you and with what weapon (Beta)
  • !Rank - Displays your current rank of the server and how many kills you have
  • !Topstats - Displays the top 5 players on the server
  • !Stats- Displays your kills, deaths and KBig Grin ratio
  • !Playlist Gametype, Gamemode, Player Count, and/or map
    * -Format: !playlist (tdm,ffa,sd,dom,dem,hq,sab,tt) (SC, HC, BB) (12, 18) (map) -All options are optional

Installation Description:
1. Requirements
  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Administrative Rights
  • Black Ops Ranked Server (Unranked untested and not supported)
  • RCON and GameServer's control panel access
  • g_logSync must equal 1, this is set automatically on server settings
  • g_logTimeStampInSeconds must equal 1, this is set automatically on startu

2. Installation
  • Download and extract the zipped file
  • Run the file Install.bat to install ActiveX controls, On Windows Vista/7 select: 'Run as Administrator'
  • Open the Black Tomato Mod (Run as admin recommended on Vista/7)
  • Upgrade from 0.0.2 to 0.3 IS NOT SUPPORTED

3. Set-Up
  • The first screen you open will look like this:

[Image: screen1ie.png]

Server Abbreviation - Give your server a 3 letter name

Ip - Your server's IP address

Port - Your servers port, usually 3074

Rcon Password - Your RCON password, this can be set in the GameServers Control Panel

Log File URL - This is a URL that must be pasted from GameServers Control Panel. To get this login to your server and select info.

Select View Log URL from the top and then paste the link they give you. you may need to be the server owner to view this.

4. Players - Permissions
  • There are 4 default groups included in the BETA, you can change, remove, delete, or add new groups at any time.
  • The default group with the checkmark indicates that group that EVERYONE on your server will have access to those commands.
  • To change the name of a group, double click on it
  • You can copy and paste lists in the commands list or use the available buttons to add or remove commands from the master list
  • WARNING: Do not give the default group access to certain commands (such as ban, kick, etc)
  • There is a hidden group OWNER, who has access to every command. This rank can be set by finding the player in the Player List and changing their group

5. Game Settings - Playlists
  • Default Map Rotation - Check all the maps you want to play on your server
  • Team Tactical Gametypes - Check the gamemodes you want if you have Team Tactical selected as a playlist.
  • Next Playlist - This is the playlist your server will run, select the gamemodes, etc and click set. MAP IS OPTIONAL
  • Auto Playlist - Control everything from maps to gametypes and BTM will control your server with your custom playlist loops.

6. Messages
  • Timed Messages - Set the banner messages to be displayed in-game. Set the delay in between messages in the bottom right in seconds
  • Welcome Message - Sets the welcome message when people join a server.
  • Rules - Sets the rules for the !rules command
  • Reasons - Sets the in-game reasons and backend rcon: Each line = MSG#. To use in-game type: !say msg1 to display line 1
  • PM Settings - Set messages in-game to be displayed globally to everyone or as a private PM. You can also hide the message from being announced in-game for autokicks.

7. Game Settings -Weapon Restrictions
  • Select all weapons/attachments/killstreaks/and other equitment as well as the 2nd chance perk that you want disabled on the server. You can select how many warns you want before they are kicked.

8. Final Step
  • Your final step is to set yourself as the Owner of the server to have access to all commands, to do this go to the 'Player Tab' Now join the server and right click on your name. Set the group to 'Owner' and you are good to go!

9. Tips
  • To check and make sure everything is working, type !cmd in the in-game chat and you should receive a PM with all the available commands
  • To set up other clan members in your clan use the !setgroup command, for example: !setgroup dan leader or !setgroup dan 1 will set 'The Dan' to the leader status.
  • You do not need to type full names, just partial names will work fine. If two players have similar names, you will receive a PM and you can execute the same command with their SLOT ID number. (!setgroup 1 leader)


Attached Files
.zip   BTM 0.4.1.zip (Size: 1.95 MB / Downloads: 212)
.rar   Black Tomato Mod.rar (Size: 839.72 KB / Downloads: 122)
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to d0h! for this post:
  • itsmods.com76

To bad you use old screenshot.. It dont look like that in the v0.3.1
I like it so u can make your own server with this? Its preety neat good mod, thx for the updateBig Grin
[Image: 2nbvtyo.jpg]
BTM updated to 0.4.1 to fix a small bug in the default playlists
updated to 0.4.2
download "Black Tomato Mod.rar" and replace the .exe with the new one
how do you change the temp-ban time on black tomato mod console?
and how can you make admins immune to kick , warn & auto kick?

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