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Release ItsModsloader

Big Grin
i have a question and please dont flame my question..

I really dont wanna get banned, i have disabled VAC in my config and in my game ( private match and combat training ) and i would just want to get 14th prestige in combat training there is a mod here on the forum and when i do that i wont get banned..?
there is no vac in CT or in private match
So this is safe?

There is 100% change that i wont get banned?

As i am saying, just CT 14th prestige i need.
yes its safe. already told you
When I click on the link it goes to a blank page. :S
(03-24-2011, 20:12)Eihb* Wrote: When I click on the link it goes to a blank page. :S

link works (tested it right now)
disable noscript or related programs
I've installed update 5 and 6, and the new loader works perfectly. ( i think)
But the problem is that when the map is loading (about 75% of the loading bar completes) it suddenly stops and says you need to login or something like that... :|

is there a release of a packed .exe for update 5 and 6?
we dont provide any help on cracked version of the game.
you need to use your itsmods login to use the loader
Loader not working here with version 1.0.7

Anyone with similar problem?

Thanks Barata...

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