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Release ItsModsloader
1.07 just got released, Nova will work on it.
edited to hullawoop
And the download only works with 80kb/s (usually I can dl games on steam with > 10Mb/s) so yeah,
Game dl probably takes 30+ more minutes.
it started with a download of 2,4 mb, I was like now we'r doing business.. butt guess what

30 kb stable now <3 -_-
Hehe, somehow my steam automaticly updated it, and without noticing, it was done. (after 5min Nova said it was released).
Tried it and it still works, please try again.
Works for me.
For me too
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
My game just Crashes when I try to use ModLoader
New to Black Ops Modding
(03-26-2011, 02:05)JayJay34 Wrote: My game just Crashes when I try to use ModLoader

if your using a cracked version we do not support it

make sure your modloader is up to date

try deleting the settings file

restart start steam and try again

and/or open black ops in window mode and start itsmodloader

Try those Big Grin if they dont work reply saying so
[Image: mca.png]


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