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Release ExternalHack v1.6.1 for Call of Duty BlackOps - by sph4ck
Big Grin
nice it works good
I'm a bit after when it comes to this cheating/hacking. When using aimbot&wallhack... if i get cought and reported... will i just get banned on the server i cheated on or in the whole game? please help Smile
Just use the hack non suspicously, not full out running aorund getting hs's with every1
looks like the report function is just a left over from the console version.
never heard of anyone that has been catched due to reports
what is tomabot how to use

Thank you very much.
Does anyone have a idea how to get the windowed screen bigger?

Settings - > Graphics - > Video Mode
chnage the resolution ingame -.-
(03-04-2011, 06:51)aosma8 Wrote: Settings - > Graphics - > Video Mode

Yes i know, but when i change it, it becomes really laggy.
used it without problems for weeks, now i get this error that says it doesnt find sensitivity and cg_t.

at the bottom it says keyerror: cg_t

any fixes`? or others have same problem?

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