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Release Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 English Language Files Links:
(11-08-2011, 19:54)Aliantha Wrote: Hmm. Is the torrent d0h linked missing the localized_english_iw04.iwd and 05 files?

If so, can someone please upload them separately? I've wasted enough of my limited bandwidth tonight and I don't want to have to download the entire pack again.

No. English doesn't have 4 and 5.
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

I guess I'm not the only german guy here so maybe this help someone of you:

MW 3 Russian to German Patch:

Start the Self-Extraction Archive by clicking on "CODMW3.part1.exe" and follow the Instructions (The Instructions are on German!)
It's not my work! Credits go to (I've never bought something from there so please inform yourself before you buy there)

I hope I could help the German Players a bit.

Ok thank you so much for the torrent download!
But the zone/english gives me only 106 files instead of 123 files?
And now when I join a server it says something with data incompatible?
How to fix this?

Incompatible Data error when joining multiplayer match

simply copy all files started in patch from zone/russian to zone/english.
Image quality is bad (game starts in small screen resolution)

For resolution issue, go to /PLAYER2
Open config.cfg with Notepad (file only created after first launch)
Change r_imageQuality "1" to 4

excuse me guys I have bought Dew and I put the code on my account but I don't know how to apply double xp on my MW3 so do you have Idea about this issue

You guys should thank me. I have set my server to seed your torrent Wink

(11-08-2011, 20:24)d0h! Wrote: Incompatible Data error when joining multiplayer match

simply copy all files started in patch from zone/russian to zone/english.

Ok thank you for fast reply!
One more question about Single Player. During the loading screen it is still Russian, but when it's done loading and I am actually playing the voices are English.
Can I fix the loading screen voices to English too? In Russian I do not understand the story then Huh

no, the videos stays russian language, apparently you could try to replace the video files
normally you should have subtitles in english

edit// pls write which files you downloaded and replaced to play the singleplayer in english, thanks
a few people got problems with it

I replaced the two small txt files, than I created a zone/english folder. Put all the zone/english files (only 106 files) from the torrent in it. Replaced the zone/english with the zone/russian (123 files). Afterwards replaced the downloaded zone/english files again on the zone/russian files (that are standing in my zone/english folder).
And I put the main folder files from the torrent in the main folder in the steam directory.
Hope this explanation is clear for you.

thanks s0kkie

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