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Release Black Ops Optimizer (previously First Strike Optimizer)
(06-09-2011, 06:42)FirstStrikeDLCMan Wrote: Maybe we don't have some files so we get error bsp????because kino,five and doa have bps.

Yeah I get some bsp error, but I don't recall if and where there are bsp files? Common are for the maps/patches, English is for, I guess english scripts for the maps, Main are where the .iwd's are, and video are loading/cutscenes, so where would .bsp be located at?
tavor, i sent you private message.
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  • Tavor
Got a problem w/ new DLC, i have the 1.09 english version and downloaded extern the dlc files but i get the error: you dont have the map pack etc...maybe cuz i live i germany? is that the problem?
anyone can help, Thanks Big Grin
d3dbsp files are INSIDE the FF.

So if you have the FF files you're fine.
This is O.T. but now i can play Call of the Dead ranked only like host, if not "steam authorization failure".
To be host open browser and launch many url at the same time, better for me russian and chines server, before join lobby and maybe live it couple of time, old trick from mw2 but work......
Call of the dead is the best map for flying zombies hahaha....
What do you mean? Gladio? You mean hosting COTD map?
Can u play zombies with friends on either Ascension or Call of the Dead ??? On private match or online in zombies mode ??? Smile Thanx in advance Smile
After doing all the steps ( i did them twice) i get a weird error whenever the loading of any zombie map (five,kino den toten) and ascescion (with P binded).I also tried to remove the code on config.cfg about binding the P key but the same error appeared.

Here is it:

Server script compile error
unknown function

(see console for details)

I dont know how to open the console for more details.Also I have to mention that I am trying this on solo zombies.Looking forward to your answer.
D: i cant start HELP it always closes black ops when its done loading what do i do? like i start game load BO OPTIMIZER and then i do the map mp_zoo or mp_hotel and when its done loading it closes black opsSad(((((((((((( please reply thx in advanceSmile)
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