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[Release] Black Ops Optimizer (previously First Strike Optimizer)
This tool will optimize the gameplay of the First Strike and Escalation Maps for certain people significantly.
Some weird error-popupboxes have been removed and filling bars have been added.

Reminder of the board rules:
Do not discuss or link to warez!

To get the DLC, I suggest to look closely. Do not dare to link to them on here.

How to use:
  • Start the DLC Loader (as Administrator)
  • Start Black Ops Multiplayer/Singleplayer
  • Select Private Match
  • Open the Console ^ and type /map mp_mapname for example /map mp_berlinwall2
  • Hit Enter and your Friends are able to join
How to load one of the new maps:
/map mp_berlinwall2
/map mp_discovery
/map mp_kowloon
/map mp_stadium

/map mp_gridlock
/map mp_hotel
/map mp_outskirts
/map mp_zoo

/map zombie_cosmodrome

Call of the Dead
/map zombie_coast

At the Moment its not safe to connect to ranked servers or unranked server with activated VAC. Use this only if you want to play private matches.

Quote:I get an "Out of memory" error!
Nazizombies is a part of the SINGLEPLAYER, do not try to load the map in the multiplayer!

Quote:The game tells me that zombie_cosmodrone does not exist!
The map is called zombie_cosmodrome

Quote:How can I load Ascension?
Read above, but since there is no console you need to edit your config.cfg and add
bind P "map zombie_cosmodrome"
Then ingame you start a good 'ol game of "Kino der Toten" and when it's loaded press P.
Alternatively you can join a friend who is already in that map.

Quote:I need the DLC!
As written above: No warez here.

* Renamed project to Black Ops Optimizer
* Added Escalation gameplay tweaks

* Updated MP and SP offsets for patch 1.08
* Added infinite Ammo switch on F1 (SP)

* Updated MP offset for 7.0.91

* Singleplayer optimizations added

* Initial release

If you like it, buy it; we are legit:

Attached Files
.zip   BOOptimizer_v0.31.zip (Size: 101.22 KB / Downloads: 8,108)
Is there anyone who tried it on live servers? Im wondering if these are just speculations, or is it 100% bannable.
I do not suggest using this on ranked VAC protected servers.
If you get banned, there's only you to blame, if you don't get banned, good for you.
lol nice .
but i have DLC map on free from gameservers becouse everyone that got server from gameservers in black-ops get free DLC map :] .
(03-27-2011, 23:08)[email protected]!C Wrote: Is there anyone who tried it on live servers? Im wondering if these are just speculations, or is it 100% bannable.

Its your decision, we only gave the advise to use it on private matching only
A certain upload is done.
How bought the new zombie map aszilum? How can i load it or play it?! Please !!
The focus was on the multiplayer part.

Enabling zombie_cosmodrome will follow soon, I think.
(03-27-2011, 23:38)SuperNovaAO Wrote: The focus was on the multiplayer part.

Enabling zombie_cosmodrome will follow soon, I think.

I hope so Big Grin I was thinking about buying the DLC pack but I dont play multiplayer much, i just want the new zombie map..and 15$ for that is...
Are the maps already in the files or do we have to download them external and copy them into our Zone folder?

Btw: Doesnt work for me Ôo ... Nothing happens if i write for ex. /map mp_kowloon ...

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