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[Release] Black Ops FF Explorer
Just, extract it out of the *.rar...

I dont think its a big problem, that mods are leakable, a community can yost grow, when new users can learn. If someone has a problem, which is no big deal to solve and he knows, that someone solved it in its mod, why not looking at his code? At the moment, when you load your mod on a server, its leaked...
If i ever release a mod, i would say its ok, if someone copy some code out of my mod, but I would be happy if he would add me to the credits and ask me before.
found the problem. I had to update my .NET Framework. THNX for the app
[Image: image_12.gif]
Very nice. hope to see .menu and save function soon :3
Exclamation help.
[Image: 2h4947p.png]
This is for Black Ops 1, not Black Ops 2.
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
You should make the save button to work...... Big Grin
Save button says (Coming Soon). When is soon? Would love to be able to modify the gsc files directly in this explorer and save.
(09-22-2011, 09:41)master131 Wrote: [Image: boffe.png]

Black Ops FF Explorer is an application that allows you to explorer and extract the contents of a Black Ops fast file (please note that fastfiles from other games are not supported).

  • Friendly GUI
  • View files in a fast file
  • Syntax highlighting (thanks to @Lost4468 and BuC-ShoTz)
  • Export single files or a whole fast file
  • .txt, .gsc, .csc, .rmb, .cfg and .vision files supported (.csv, .menu and .d3dbsp files can be seen in the explorer but not viewable as text and cannot be exported)
  • Can check for updates (via About button)

- CFGFactory (Justin)
- GoClimbColorado
- @Lost4468
- BuC-ShoTz

Created exclusively for ItsMods.

Virus Scans:

I'm not sure why there are false positives regarding CRC but I can assure you it's 100% clean.

You should add support for stringtables, localize, weaponfiles, maybe sound, etc.

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