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Release Black Ops Configuration Utility by master131
So what does this do?
This allows you to edit various settings to help optimize or customize the game for your needs and requirements. It's has some other features aswell like a playercard creator and an option to edit the config manually!

Can I get banned for this?
NO! You cannot get banned for this because this just edits you config file!

Why is it so... empty?
Well it's still in beta stages and there are still things for me to add but I'll guess I'll release it first to give you guys an insight. Some things I need to add is a 'Controls' tab as well as options to reset various settings and add little tweaks and fixes.

How do I use it?
Just run the program and the rest is self explanatory!

I can't seem to get the program running?
You will need .NET Framework 4 to run this program correctly. I'm sorry if this is inconvenient for any people as I tried converting the project to an older version and got some nasty errors.

There are some bugs I found!
Great! Just post the bug here or e-mail the details to boconfig[at] I will attempt to fix the bug ASAP!

I have a suggestion or feature that you should add!
Just post your ideas here and I will consider in the next update as long as you don't come up with stupid ideas.

How come the background in your screenshot is all colourful and mine is all plain and ugly?
Just click Edit > Background Colour and then select the colour of your choice.

I have more than 1 graphic card but enabling multi-GPU and multi-threading doesn't make that much of a difference?
If you have Crossfire enabled in CCC, try disabling it and your FPS should increase by a significant amount! Thanks PinkSlippers!

Not available atm, somehow it got deleted?

master131 - Doing the main coding and stuff
donutdan4114 - For creating MW2Config and inspiring me
Blubb1337 - Helping me with some VB stuff
Insane and crasher806 - Beta testing the program
Call of Duty Wiki - Prestige emblems
PertyPiiinkPonie and DustinEwan - Great explanations for some config settings

* Fixed some bugs
* Added a changelog dialog
* Added an advanced tab
* Updated credits
* Edited checkbox descriptions
* Changed game folder browse dialog to file browse dialog

Virus Scans:

Attached Files
.rar   BOConfig.rar (Size: 2.32 MB / Downloads: 429)
[Image: 30xhrep.png]

A casual conversation between barata and I about Nukem.

thanks for posting, moved to tools Wink


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