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Release Black Ops 2 GSC Compiler v3.2 + GSC Loader
Credits: @kokole , @Nukem for file struct and some opcodes. Thanks to @barata for source code of his console, it really helped me. Thanks to jzm contributors, I used part of code from there.


Added support for redacted. Now you have to define path with your gsc files, instead single file. If loader can find file in assets database, which has the same name with file in your path, this file in game will be overriden, if not - loader will add new record to assets database. File with .txt extension will be compiled and loaded, file with .gsc extension only will be loaded.

Fixed issue, when only the last break in the loop actually worked.
Returned support for mp(which was accidentally removed)

Added support for all internal functions(even if they used really rarely).

Precedence for boolean expressions. Fixed error if identifier starts with '_', fixed some other bugs. Compiler finally done(I think).

Added support for continue and break.

Fixed bugged notify, boolNot in boolean expressions, added support for animtrees, get animation and waittillframeend, symbol '\' now can be used in includes.

Loader merged with compiler, unused methods was removed from script.

Fixed crash when you calling pointer with more than one parameter.

Attached Files
.rar   SourceCode.rar (Size: 288.44 KB / Downloads: 760)
.rar   Loader.rar (Size: 82.2 KB / Downloads: 1,063)
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nice one
Nice Job. OMA and +rep
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does this work? Huh

EDIT I downloaded the example script and compiled it and loaded it nothing happens ingame am i doing something wrong?
Who the fuck knows really.
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(03-12-2014, 23:15):D :D :D :D Wrote: does this work? Huh

EDIT I downloaded the example script and compiled it and loaded it nothing happens ingame am i doing something wrong?

Tip deleted since It doesn't matter anymore. Redownload GSC loader.
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Important update: Now loader safe to use.
How gsc loader works?
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(03-13-2014, 12:36)SailorMoon Wrote: How gsc loader works?

Loader just replace a pointer to script in the struct.
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