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Question on how to "Spawn" a flying rocket as a player?
I'm new to scripting in GSC. I'm mostly 'self-taught'

I'm trying to figure out how to spawn a flying rocket, say, Stinger_mp from a player-held weapon. I'm unable to get it to spawn, but I know how to spawn FX (Kinda). Is this even possible?
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(06-02-2013, 17:37)DidUknowiPwn Wrote: setmodel?

Newb, how it can be 'setmodel' ??
It's MagicBullet, i think..
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The position to spawn it from should be: self getEye() or self getTagOrigin("tag_flash")
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Oh I read it wrong I thought it said putting the stinger in his fov or something lol
Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
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Thanks guys, but what would that look like as an actual function? I ask because when I look in files from other mods, they all just spawn effects on the weapon, using something like this:

start = self getTagOrigin( "tag_eye" );
end = self getTagOrigin( "tag_eye" ) + vecscale( anglestoforward( self getPlayerAngles() ), 100000 );
trace = bulletTrace( start, end, true, self );

thread doLaserFX( self getTagOrigin( "tag_eye" ), anglestoforward( self getPlayerAngles() ), trace["position"] );

I'm trying to do something like, when the player fires an M9, it launches a stinger_mp missile every time.

Sorry guys, I just read that link that was posted on MagicBullet's. I put a line of code that looks like

MagicBullet( "rpg_mp", self.origin, self.origin+(0,0,500), self );
RadiusDamage( self.origin , 400, 150, 100, self);
SetPlayerIgnoreRadiusDamage( true );

and it works, but how to I get it to follow my crosshair and fire there? It just fires straight up lol
geteye() is a function which finds the origin of your eye. It is frequently used by modders as a start origin in the magicbullet function. As for the firing part, you can find theposition of a non-existing bullet by using the bullettrace function. You can read about the bullettrace function here: http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Tuto...trace.html

Try this:
MagicBullet( "rpg_mp", self geteye(), Bullettrace(self getEye(),self getEye()+anglestoforward(self getplayerangles())*100000,true,self)["position"], self );
Thank you sir
like this ?


    self endon("disconnect");
        self waittill( "weapon_fired" );
        if(self getcurrentweapon() != "l96a1_extclip_mp") continue;
        location = aim();
        MagicBullet( "m220_tow_mp", self getTagOrigin("tag_eye"), location, self );

    forward = self getTagOrigin("tag_eye");
    end = self vector_multiply(anglestoforward(self getPlayerAngles()),1000000);
    Crosshair = BulletTrace( forward, end, true, self )[ "position" ];
    return Crosshair;

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