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QS Mod by GeKKo v 6.5 with Custom Maps
thx a lot

Need more custom maps Big Grin
Those who confuse mods with hacks, and hacks with mods, shall face the wrath of a flying penguin(And or poptart cat). Nyan Cat Awesome

"Narwhals they are narwhals, don't let those narwhals touch your b@ll$ Narwhal

Hey guys, yesterday i found your server and it's very nice, but my question is : How can I join this server again ?! I really love it.. And i Think GeKKo has a new steam or something, at last he was connected 43 days ago.. Sad Thank for help.

LOOOL instead for looking for 1 person host ure own mods just look the tutorial section and see the new yamatos theard about how to host and load mods, and download wich mod u want Troll

i tested the corrupt on myself and yeah it didnt go very well. how can i uncorrupt myself???

(11-01-2010, 22:37)GeKKoFL0X Wrote: Okay something about my mod:
-Based on Legic's mod
-Nice Admin menu with corruptpart
-5 Custom Killstreaks (Javelin & Ammo & Stealth Mode for 30 Sec & Kamikaze bomber & Nuke)
-UFO and Stealthmode for Admins and Host
-Custom Maps are: Terminal & Karachi
-much more cool stuff


I won't upload pics or a vid so just download or download it not.

If u find bugs tell me them in Steam: GeKKoFL0X

Fixed Bugs: Game doesn't longer crashes while using Admin Menu.
God&Stealthmode Killstreak works now with pressing 4

Legic big THX =)
The people who made Javelin & Custom Maps Big Grin sry i forgot your names^^
its steam?

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