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Problem after changing language in Black Ops
Hi, just like in the topic. I wrote about this issue earlier but there has been no answer. I'll just paste my first post to show the problem:

I would like to thank for helping me to change language from Polish to English. Everything went smooth Unfortunately, I have a problem. After changing the language I can't play single missions, which are not in chronological order. I mean - some of the sounds in missions disappear and info about time and localization in the beginning of the mission does not show up. It happens only when I play for example play the first mission - I finish it (everything is ok) and than, I skip do the 4th mission for example. Any suggestions how to deal with this issue? When I play missions in original order (1st, 2nd, 3rd) everything is normal. It only happens when I play missions not in original order (1st, 5th) I would be grateful for help and some suggestions. Sorry for my language. I'm polish and my English is not perfect.

pls refer to the existing thread

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