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Preview Michael Myers Mod
Hello, Welcome to my Michael Myers mod! (If no one has made a mod for it xD)
>Don't know what Michael Myers is? (pc freak!)
-Michael Myers is a game people have made in the past, where everyone is on one team but one of them on the other. The one person has to seek out and kill the so called "runners" (thats what I call them!), with a knife only. The Runners cannot kill, until it is last runner.

This mod is plain and simple, and will probably have a beta release soon.

>Will be posting Pictures soon once a playable version of this mod is released.<

What is done:
-Most Essential Dvars
What needs to be done:
-Random auto picker for "seeker"
-Force gametype and gametype settings
-Music on Final Killcam
-Random weapon picker
-More (maybe)

Take in note that I am still a newbie in GSC modding and will take an more time to make this then expected Tongue
For forcegametype/settings
use setdvar("g_gametype", "derp");
setdvar("scr_gametypehere_timelimit"/"scorelimit", "derp"
Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
[Image: UGPjFJa.jpg]
i cant tell you what i think if i havnt seen a video or a picture Big Grin

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