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Release Michael Myers
My first Plugin. Michael Myers.

What is this Plugin doing?
  • Implementing the original Michael Myers from Black Ops
  • People that died will be able to see the game from above ( Command: !move)
  • A help Message is implemented ( !mike ). It is telling how the game works
  • Final Killcams
  • Cannot die from Falldamage
  • Spectators can only talk to Spectators

What YOU have to set in the .dsr:
  • Gametype: Infected
  • Infected has the same class as the First Infected
  • Infected have nothing(clear) in the weapons slots and a tk ( Perks can be costumized)
  • Survivors have nothing(clear) in the weapon slots, everything else can be costumized(At least one perk should be taken, because the default class is a silenced Spas12)
  • Time can NOT be set to endless
  • ONLY the "old" maps. Since i didn't got the Coordinats from the new free DLC

Thanks to:
@JayDi (Gave me some dvars(even IW blocked them))
@pollarpart (Testing and Idea)


Bugs can be posted here. But it should have a description WHAT happend and HOW it did happen...

.zip   Michael Myers.zip (Size: 12.09 KB / Downloads: 54)

-Added support for Aground & Erosion
-If Mike suicides he will respawn, instead of crashing the game logic

-Initial Release
[Image: compiling.png][Image: aLKA8og_460sa.gif]
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Nice, maybe add video?
spell fail
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  • DidUknowiPwn
Add new maps!
(06-24-2012, 23:14)surtek Wrote: Nice, maybe add video?

I really would do add a video but i can be happy if i can run MW3 on the lowest settings with ~25 FPS Tongue
[Image: compiling.png][Image: aLKA8og_460sa.gif]
This was the missing gamemode Smile
[Image: veovuq.png]
-Added support for Aground & Erosion
-If Mike suicides he will respawn, instead of crashing the game logic

[Image: compiling.png][Image: aLKA8og_460sa.gif]
[-] The following 2 users say Thank You to Ich1994 for this post:
  • DidUknowiPwn, Yamato

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