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[Request] Help with Mike myers mod
hey just im heading up a mike myers mod for blackops but i've run into a wall.
im trying to get to the first person that mike kills to swap team's getting them over is easy
self maps\mp\gametypes\_teams::changeTeam("allies");
but im not sure how to do it so its only the first person killed that change's ,the only way i could do it was make everyone killed change team so im asking for idea's
i thought maybe i'd do something like

self.done2 = 0;
watchfirst kill()
self waittill( "death" );
self maps\mp\gametypes\_teams::changeTeam("allies");
wait 0.5;
would that work?
      level.playerkilled = 0;

      self thread watchfirstkill();

self endon("disconnect");
level endon("player_was_killed");


      self waittill( "death" );
      self maps\mp\gametypes\_teams::changeTeam("allies");

      level notify("player_was_killed");
      level.playerkilled = 1;

my browser fucked up the first time i typed this -.-
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
thanks man i'll have a look after work , i had a go but it didnt work Confused however my code did xD so im not sure whats goign on i need some tester's will get to it later
hmm found my issue lol im picking the random player at joined team and that is forceing 1 player for that team so no matter what i was trying it wouldnt have worked ,it works fine the other way around so i need a new way of picking the player for team

edit i've got the feeling i should be looking in to some of the zombie mods to do what i want

Edit 2 : yep IZM's SelectZombie() is just what im lookin for Smile

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