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PlayerManager [beta] | Advanced RCON tool for MW3
[Image: bZhB2.png]

PlayerManager is the most advanced (and only) RCON client for MW3.
This is the ultimate must-have for a server owner and it allows you to interact much better with your players then ever before.
By default, RCON can't be accessed outside the game.
But thanks to @Nukem and @JariZ this now is possible trough this awesome tool!

Full feature list:
  • It's the only RCON tool for MW3
  • Multiple server support!
  • Unique interface
  • Show messages to player
  • Add messages to the killfeed
  • Kick/Ban/Tempban
  • Fastrestart/Restart/Next map/Choose new map/Change gamemode
  • Console
  • Message rotation
  • Fullscreen function
  • Player chart
  • Kill/Restart server
  • Works even with console logging disabled!

  • Change speed/jumpheight/unlimited ammo
  • Server settings (turn voice on/off etc)
  • Kick/ban reasons
Suggestions welcome

  • Maps missing: Bootleg, Lockdown
  • Rotation should show a dropdown for 'type'. In the meantime you can enter
    'Chat', 'Screen', 'Killfeed' for the types. If you type anything else, rotation will crash

It's still in a beta and has not been thoroughly
A lot of updates will be added in the next weeks so make sure you restart the program and the server every once in a while
This is a very unstable release, report every bug you find to this thread!
BETA TESTERS NEEDED for linux. Please contact me if you've got a linux server.

Full documentation available here:

Full install guide available here:

RCON server
- Linux (wine) or Windows
- Nukem's MW3 addon

PlayerManager Client
- Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
Because of various modern techniques no Windows XP
If you still use that OS, install Windows 7, XP is heavily outdated
NOTE: For installation help, see the guide on the official website

@JariZ - Lead developer
@Nukem - MW3 Addon creator
@surtek - Ideas'n'stuff
DutchGroundDesigns - Design help
@Tylerd86 - Beta testing


[Image: screen1.png]
[Image: screen2.png]
[Image: screen3.png][Image: screen4.png]

I've been working for over 3 months on this project and will keep working on it.
If you want to support me you can help (for free!) by
  • Clicking on one of the share buttons below
  • Tell your friends about this
  • Ask my permission to post this thread on another forum
  • Buy a huge billboard and place it outside your house
  • Get the wallpaper
Or, if you really insist, you can also donate:
[Image: 8beTk.jpg]
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When do you learn it's 'a lot' and not 'alot'
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
I wrote the thread 2 months ago. Didn't check it Tongue
(03-04-2012, 20:55)JariZ Wrote: I wrote the thread 2 months ago. Didn't check it Tongue
you sir are the best person ive ever eva eva eva seen at codeingSmile
[Image: 107m71v.gif]

I used a video tag which I shouldn't do. I should just post the URL to the video. Now I learnt from my mistakes and I will now edit my post to fix this.>>no i dident learn my leasonAngryTongue<<<
[Image: 2mxmj4m.gif]
[Image: vgrbxs.png]
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I wont use it, Nyan Cat but EPIC, sounds really good
[Image: veovuq.png]
Good job
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
Good to see this awesome program to be released.
BETA TESTERS NEEDED for linux. Please contact me if you've got a linux server.
Installing Linux dunno how to use lol wonder whats gonna happen. hmmm
Anyone make an RCON tool, without having Nukem's Addon?
it does not work for me ;/

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