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[Image: bZhB2.png]

PlayerManager is the most advanced (and only) RCON client for MW3.
This is the ultimate must-have for a server owner and it allows you to interact much better with your players then ever before.
By default, RCON can't be accessed outside the game.
But thanks to @Nukem and @JariZ this now is possible trough this awesome tool!

Full feature list:
  • It's the only RCON tool for MW3
  • Multiple server support!
  • Unique interface
  • Show messages to player
  • Add messages to the killfeed
  • Kick/Ban/Tempban
  • Fastrestart/Restart/Next map/Choose new map/Change gamemode
  • Console
  • Message rotation
  • Fullscreen function
  • Player chart
  • Kill/Restart server
  • Works even with console logging disabled!

  • Change speed/jumpheight/unlimited ammo
  • Server settings (turn voice on/off etc)
  • Kick/ban reasons
Suggestions welcome

  • Maps missing: Bootleg, Lockdown
  • Rotation should show a dropdown for 'type'. In the meantime you can enter
    'Chat', 'Screen', 'Killfeed' for the types. If you type anything else, rotation will crash

It's still in a beta and has not been thoroughly
A lot of updates will be added in the next weeks so make sure you restart the program and the server every once in a while
This is a very unstable release, report every bug you find to this thread!
BETA TESTERS NEEDED for linux. Please contact me if you've got a linux server.

Full documentation available here:

Full install guide available here:

RCON server
- Linux (wine) or Windows
- Nukem's MW3 addon

PlayerManager Client
- Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
Because of various modern techniques no Windows XP
If you still use that OS, install Windows 7, XP is heavily outdated
NOTE: For installation help, see the guide on the official website

@JariZ - Lead developer
@Nukem - MW3 Addon creator
@surtek - Ideas'n'stuff
DutchGroundDesigns - Design help
@Tylerd86 - Beta testing


[Image: screen1.png]
[Image: screen2.png]
[Image: screen3.png][Image: screen4.png]

I've been working for over 3 months on this project and will keep working on it.
If you want to support me you can help (for free!) by
  • Clicking on one of the share buttons below
  • Tell your friends about this
  • Ask my permission to post this thread on another forum
  • Buy a huge billboard and place it outside your house
  • Get the wallpaper
Or, if you really insist, you can also donate:
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When do you learn it's 'a lot' and not 'alot'
I wrote the thread 2 months ago. Didn't check it Tongue
(03-04-2012, 20:55)JariZ Wrote: [ -> ]I wrote the thread 2 months ago. Didn't check it Tongue
you sir are the best person ive ever eva eva eva seen at codeingSmile
I wont use it, Nyan Cat but EPIC, sounds really good
Good job
Good to see this awesome program to be released.
BETA TESTERS NEEDED for linux. Please contact me if you've got a linux server.
Installing Linux dunno how to use lol wonder whats gonna happen. hmmm
Anyone make an RCON tool, without having Nukem's Addon?
it does not work for me ;/
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