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Old itsmods videos
I was looking through my videos on youtube and came across these old itsmods videos I made. So for nostalgic purposes, I'll post them again:

There are some more, but they're really bad.

LMAO hahahhahah good time, good times...

Thanks Barata...
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OMA Happy cry
[Image: One_Man_Army_Bag_render_MW2.PNG]

Also https that's why.
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[Image: UGPjFJa.jpg]

(03-29-2014, 19:42)DidUknowiPwn Wrote: Also https that's why.

Ah, I didn't notice. Thanks for the tip!

Good old times. :')
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

This stuff must be even older than 1337 stuff.
Yeah, @barata, it was so good time, btw - @Dude seems like you have lost, go away. :Troll:

Eh; ..these times when It'sMods was 'super' active. :'(
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Updated the main post with references Smile

Seeing them for the first time Big Grin

EDIT: The OMA series is legendary

Nice videos, laughed a lot. OMA

You should create new videos too, for example there is a big crowd and everyone's face an AFK logo like this:

[Image: afk.png]

or better a dead face

[Image: 0601-0222.gif]

Story ends here.

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