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Old itsmods videos
(03-30-2014, 15:31)TheRaZ Wrote: ...... Story ends here.

When I read this, I felt myself very bad.

Dumb Bitch
C++/Obj-Cdeveloper. Neko engine wip
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Good old times.

(03-31-2014, 09:33)SuperNovaAO Wrote: Good old times.

What about ItsHax?


Also @SailorMoon you should get better at feeling yourself
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(04-04-2014, 02:57)AZUMIKKEL Wrote:

Also @SailorMoon you should get better at feeling yourself

Thought of posting it, but only a few cared about that video when I posted it the first time :/

Also, where in the world did the subtitles go? They were burned into the video while editing, how can they be gone? The subtitles in the OMA brotherhood video are gone too!

Edit: My bad, subtitles appear in that video. Still, they are gone from the OMA brotherhood video.

(03-29-2014, 18:06)Rendflex Wrote: I was looking through my videos on youtube and came across these old itsmods videos I made. So for nostalgic purposes, I'll post them again:

There are some more, but they're really bad.

I just jizzed
[Image: ScHmIdTy56789.png]

man i miss modding & talking with you guys ... wish they'd change there mind about modtools Sad

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