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Current state of ItsMods?
So, @SuperNovaAO what is the current state of

I see only new users posting about they need help and stuff, but where are all the moderators and modders?
The site now looks worse than ever before, it is like a 3 level cake with only left of dead ants.

Yeah, it's basically an archive now.

There are no modders left as the moddable CoD's are dead and Activision successfully killed their franchise (IMO).


Atleast it was good back then...

Any new plans for adding other game section or what will happen to the site?
I think if you pay it, it shouldn't be just an "archive" (to use your worlds).

I don't have any idea, but this name already earned some attention among so many players so it would be a waste to leave it alone.

I'm working on BO1 and WaW right now in terms of scripting and dll related stuff.

Both will be SP only unless someone really wants an MP version.
The BO1 version will contain massive changes and should allow Radiant usage in the coming year.
The WaW version will contain changes to engine limitations which will allow modders to add more stuff and possibly work on other scripting side stuff.

Apart from those two games everything else is dead.
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