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News ItsModsloader update
thought he left the team..
(03-03-2011, 12:17)d0h! Wrote: thought he left the team..

Yeh if I am right he got bitched or someting,, still he's the brain and founder of it Smile
**sorry if I am wrong**
The reason behind this method is because ItsModsloader is the direct result of a program that copied the mod the hoster was hosting in MW2 out of the memory.
Multiple mod support done now.
I will finish this up and add other features like admin menu and some buttons to quickly restart later.

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  • Eekhoorn
Noway to add WH in theater mod? someone think that s a hacking tool then will be Anticheater tool sound better......
SP support.
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
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  • zxz0O0
SP zombie's that let you invite morte then 4 players ive seen it done in WaW by changeing ver with loader 0.5 sec after game has started,
also NT was the guy that started Alteriw and is hella good at what he dose,he was asked to leve the team due to foul play with the forums + rage deleteing all his work lol i remember the day (not that it was long ago) he did however have a backup of his source and i belive he did give that to the alteriw guys ,he is now belived to be heading up his Own project??
Just asking here, What is the mod loader? Can it vac ban you? If it can/carnt how sure are you. What dose it do?

Plus, A wallhack init would be pretty neat Big Grin
Man, the modloader is, as its name says, the tool that is used to load mods. Treyarch patched it for now, but i hope that Nova will fix it soon :p. You cant get vac banned if you turn vac off in game settings..
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

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