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News Free Black Ops First Strike DLC Maps ;)
If 3arc charges money for it, Itsmods will give it for free !

[Image: CoD_BO_First_Strike_DLC.jpg]

Hi Itsmods Lovers!

This is just a short info about the new DLC map pack.
The maps are playable without actually going to pay for it (Steam legit version)

It is brought to you by SuperNovaAO - the One and Only

The pic shows that i dont own the map pack
[Image: unbenanntrxsb.jpg]

Download First Strike Optimizer


How to use:
  • Start Black Ops Multiplayer
  • Start First Strike Optimizer (as admin)
  • Select Private Match
  • Open the Console ^ and type /map mp_mapname for example /map mp_berlinwall2
  • Hit Enter and your Friends are able to join - you can even join people running the paid dlc map pack.
  • Have Fun
How to load one of the new maps:
/map mp_berlinwall2
/map mp_discovery
/map mp_kowloon
/map mp_stadium

/map zombie_cosmodrome

At the Moment its not safe to connect on ranked servers or unranked server with activated VAC. Use this only if you want to play Private Matched
[-] The following 3 users say Thank You to d0h! for this post:
  • Eekhoorn, Jailbreak78, Rayzon
Even if you do own the mappack it won't show in your library anymore, but I believe you though, because it's probably just like injecting every other game license in your steam, with offline games, because dlc's aren't checked ''online'' or someting..

Good job d0h <3
free dlc aaaaa not
tutorial ?? <3
so whats gonna happen ?
ops too late but let me know pls....

How ? Big Grin
changed pic to show my dlc subsription of the game
And how do we try this?

post a download link+tutorial so we can veriefy that it's true

if you do THX Wink
Hey doh , nice job there .
Please tell me ..
Is it sure that we are not going to get busted for that?
Do you know if sniping is going to be patched soon?
Did the last patch affected promod sniping?(I Hope not)

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