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[News] Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Coming This Year?

[Image: callofduty-blackops2_multi_div_004.jpeg]

According to French gaming blog, Gameblog.fr, the next Call of Duty game has been outed by the French division of online retail giant Amazon.

The blog snapped a screenshot of a listing on Amazon.fr which plainly lists Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as coming out this year. Now, you're probably saying, 'But, Nate! Any fool with Photoshop and some free time can put together an image as unconvincing as this!'. But the real clincher, fair reader, is Activision's response to Gameblog.fr's publication.

Activision sent an immediate cease and desist, demanding that Gameblog.fr remove the offending post and stop reporting on this information. Gameblog refused, citing their duty to their readers to bring honest and relevant news. Activision promptly informed them that they are blacklisted from the company and all Activision events. Gameblog had previous plans to attend an event for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron which Activision kindly informed them that they are no longer welcome to attend.

You have to ask yourself, why would Activision go to such extreme measures as to alienate a popular French gaming blog if this news wasn't credible? We'll know for sure in a few short months, but I'm starting to feel like Call of Duty: Mayan Warfare may never happen.

Big Grin
dprclan.com ,, we are recruiting for black ops 2 !! join us soldier Cool
They should stop making rubbish and make Call of Duty: World at War II
[Image: veovuq.png]
jup it is coming
(02-20-2012, 15:59)Yamato Wrote: They should stop making rubbish and make Call of Duty: World at War II

i really think black ops doesnt suck... dunno why everyone hates it.
it is better than mw3 and not always the same shit (infinity ward)
[Image: ctoc.jpg]
Black Ops is just boring for me. 'balancing' took out much of the fun.

Hope it'll be better this year.
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
(02-20-2012, 16:43)OrangePL Wrote: Black Ops is just boring for me. 'balancing' took out much of the fun.

Hope it'll be better this year.

hmm i liked black ops

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We already KNOW that Treyarch is working on the title, that Black Ops had sales records, and that SparkyMcSparks needed help with changing the scoreboard of Black Ops, yet have not released any mods since then.
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(02-20-2012, 17:56)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: We already KNOW that Treyarch is working on the title

Because some people posted proof of this before on YouTube (big channels and multiple different people).

Also the thing with Gameblog.fr also confirms this.

Also not the first time essential information about upcoming games/hardware specs leaked via Amazon/Barnes & Noble. (contents of limited edition packs when it was still unannounced).

Also @Activision: Barbra Streisand effect; You just lost the game!
my reaction:
Blops singleplayer gameplay is good, but engine is bad :/
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I played some Black Ops singleplayer again. Looks so much better than MW3 (but the minimum specs are killing compared to all other CoD games).
i dont like blaclk ops Big Grin

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