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News Call Of Duty Black Ops PC Fix On The Way

[Image: Bops.jpg]

Quote:PC Call of Duty Black Ops fans can breath a sigh of relief as Treyarch finally acknowledge an in game bug preventing users from playing the highly anticipated title and hint that a fix is in the way.

David Vonderhaar Multiplayer Design Director for Black Ops has replied to a bombardment of tweets assuring fans that the team behind the game now know about the issue. “I don’t have any intel at this time. I am not in the office but I know they know about it.”

In true Internet mob fashion Treyarch aren’t the only ones being lined up for crucifixion as desperation gamers look for an answer, Dedicated server host Gameservers have also come forward with an official statement clarifying where the issue lies

” It is not to do with PC specs or server configuration there would appear to be a bug in the game that is causing graphical lag spikes to a specific people. The developers have been made aware of this bug and they are looking into it. “

So there you have it, hang tight it wont be long now.

i've seen some tool called 'Black Ops MP Optimizer ' on some other forums

[Image: 2dhxj5k.jpg]

didn't have time to check if it actually works because i'm not @ home atm, will check in the evening
dont use it...as you can read its game related, not hardware...
Change the multicore and multigpu dvars.
Set game priority to high, steam to low

Don't disable all services.

It's a temporary fix but well, Treyarch only said they knew this problem was there, they didn't promise a fix soon.

All I know is that I filed a complaint via gameservers to treyarch to add better support for server to be used for communities (connect command, join friend etc) and they told me they would ask it.
cl_maxpackets 100
snaps 30
com_maxfps 120

I've not had any problems after typing in those commands.
(11-10-2010, 13:20)d0h! Wrote: dont use it...as you can read its game related, not hardware...

it changes some config stuff

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