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Mod tools comming :D
Hey guys,

Jd_2020 and pcdev finally anounced it Big Grin.

JD_2020: Good news PC community - #CODBlackOps Mod Tools are in development. More info to come in the future, stay tuned!

pcdev: I get a lot of questions about mod tools. They are in development. I will post something more specific as soon as I can. #codblackops #pc

Gratz Silverches

We already know that. But when... maybe 2018. (yes not wrong spelled)

but the first time after release they said something about it

I bet this modtools are so limited.

I bet they'll be called 7()R|\|4|}0 mod tools lol

Uhm i saw this like a 1-2 months ago
YouTube 1:Azumikkel- Modding
YouTube 2:DerpShark- Gaming Entertainment
Contact: im[at]

(12-22-2010, 15:25)surtek Wrote: We already know that. But when... maybe 2018. (yes not wrong spelled)

more like when treyarch gets a NON-incompetent pc team

We need to depend on GSC modding first, Mod Tools is just a promised tools with in-promised function and date
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]

I also guess that their gamescriptmoddingtools will be limited, so all you need is a mapeditor. If that one has limits, I will (try to) remove them and I will keep the ItsModsloader updated.

i bet that modtools will be limited, like they even limited the stupid /connect command...

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