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Interesting stuffs
(11-07-2012, 16:42)Pozzuh Wrote:
(11-07-2012, 08:33)JariZ Wrote: offensive name?
This is a 18+ game for fuck sake...

Older people could still be irritated by someone named "xxYourMotherSucksDickxx".

I think its more for people with names like: NaziHitler or KKK.
In Black Ops, violence emblems were allowed while nazi ones weren't, lyk oh mai gawd so unführ
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give me config settings like cod4 and I am happy.

fuck decals, fuck fog, fuck brass, I LIKE PROMOD
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(09-17-2012, 16:39)JayDi Wrote: Zombie mode is in multiplayer now.
So fuck yeah.

Are you sure? Cuz i have the game on steam and there are 3 bo icons (sp,mp and zombie)
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(11-12-2012, 14:19)Puffiamo Wrote:
(09-17-2012, 16:39)JayDi Wrote: Zombie mode is in multiplayer now.
So fuck yeah.

Are you sure? Cuz i have the game on steam and there are 3 bo icons (sp,mp and zombie)

It will use multiplayer engine.
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552490 = (some form of) DB_FindXAssetHeader

Hook the last function and replace your data = modloader
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@SparkyMcSparks we only want to use our mods for good, not for evil. There is no need to be upset.
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And then you're b&
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PC files now with encryption and compression. But I found interesting file inside memory.

I don't know file real name, it's just my name. Hopes it's helps for unlock/deactivate/decrypt/decompress or something else.

Attached Files
.txt   keys.txt (Size: 262 bytes / Downloads: 27)
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