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Informations about Dedicated Servers
Informations about Dedicated Servers and their provider
by roB:de

Do we play on Dedicated Servers?
Short: YES!
Finally we get the Dedi-Servers back
PC Gamers play on dedicated servers - console gamers still use the P2P system.

Which providers are available to rent a server for BlackOps?
Well, thats the negative point on the Dedi-Server-System of BlackOps. Treyarch & activision allow you ONLY to rent servers by the provider: Activision awarded this kind of "exclusive-license" only to this one provider. So other companys are not allowed to rent out BlackOps servers. Well... thats how the Publisher-Hierarchy works.. But anyway... we got the Dedicated-Servers back - because of Treyarch. Cheers

Whats the price for the Servers at
Ok, the price isnt the best - but it isnt expensive too.
Here are the official (and OF COURSE confirmed) prices:

Ranked Server: $15/Month ----- 10,87 /Month
Unranked Server: $99 cent/Slot ----- 0,72 /Slot

general informations about the servers:
Ranked Server: limit of 18 Players per Server
Unranked Server: limit of 24 Players per Server
For both server-offers:

- Instant PC Server Activation (on release date)
- No Setup Fees, Cancel anytime, 5-day Refund Guarantee
- Billing period does not start until servers are activated

more Informations or want to preorder? visit

Another details to the rented dedicated servers:

They allow you the standard commands like: kick/bann/permbann players... and all the little admin-things
BUT - and thats a big but: The servers are NOT moddable!

You can watch THIS VIDEO INTERVIEW to get more informations about the Servers.
(the interviewed person: Cesar Stastny - Treyarchs PC lead for Black Ops)

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