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How or why did you start modding COD games?
Started modding cuz i was Hacking Tongue i was get life ban in cod 5 on key but then i found one cracked server with Zombiex mod and play there but there was not allot of ppl and allot of them used hacks... soo i buyed agin Cod5 key and play on officale zombiex server... Then i was started to modding/mapping its way better than hacking...
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  • JariZ
(12-24-2012, 12:28)Yamato Wrote: I started playing on a few modded lobbies, like @surtek one, he used to kick me Troll Later I started using textures on my weapons and after sometime I started making my own stuff Smile

Maybe because you used too much oma Troll
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I wanted to have unlimited tubes Troll

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