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"VEH_LinkCommonChecks: Player already has an owner" - After long games
When I play Custom Killstreaks mod, after Medium-Long games I sometimes get this error:

VEH_LinkCommonChecks: Player already has an owner

Only happens during long games. Gives all clients "Client command overflow" error. But as host, I get that ^. Help!
Bad code much?
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I don't know where to start looking... What would cause this? I'd like to find it..
(06-07-2013, 08:23)akillj Wrote: I don't know where to start looking... What would cause this? I'd like to find it..

I will release soon upgraded mod for the custom killstreaks which fixes this problem and many others, I posted a preview here: http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Prev...s-mod.html
This mod has been tested on server for couple of days, and for now everything is working fine
I didn't expect a reply from the dev himself.. lol. Do you know what script causes it? Your preview looks awesome, but it would be cool to have a "hotfix" for the current version aswell, so we may play both. The error I posted, seems to be the only thing we have noticed be a problem.

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