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Help Cars Models

I am doing an own drivable car mod, and I couldnt find this cars, does somebody know this models???: EDIT: I found 2nd one, I only need terminal one.

1- Baggage Car
[Image: A57DC91527A9CD69933764EF0BFDC811B0AAD64C]
2-Small yellow car that picks up things
[Image: EAC5B257287F836FE89F9DEED05B0F191F4A869E]
Sorry for double post, I found the one I asked for before, but I found this strange red vehicle, some idea of what it is??: tractor, bulldozer?:

snow crawler or snowcat
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(04-20-2011, 13:08)d0h! Wrote: snow crawler or snowcat

Thanks, founded, Big Grin

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  • d0h!
Sorry again for double post, Tongue

How is this called?? crane, lift?

yep, should be a lifter or something
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  • Yamato
call it quarry orange people lifter Tongue

100 posts Smile
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
Founded, Big Grin:


Somebody know Baggage cart one, I need that model, Wink, I need baggage car, roller coaster car and trailer parks van, and I will have all game cars I think, Tongue
Can you give me the name off that models ?
would be nice !
Big list here, they are in it

[Image: veovuq.png]
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