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Oooooh my first post on the forum and I'm already asking for help, aren't I proud of that one.......

Anyway, It appears the dev console is nonexistent since update 2, is there any way to...say...add a dev console? All I know is that I can't use any of my mods and itsmodloader seems to be obsolete until this is worked around (I'm fairly certain it hasn't been, if it has I will feel very silly for posting this) any news on whats up with it all?
i think you can activate the dev console by editing the executable (ida), like you could do it with the previous version (mw2)
itsmodsloader still works to load mods but you are only able to test or create mods since trollarc patched the possibility to play against others if a mod is injected. therefore we need to hope and wait till they decide to release the option to use mods within their mysterious mod tools.
"We are shooting for mod tools release in May."
Yeah.......right, and hell has not only frozen, but also turned to the land of licorice and gumdrops.
Well how is this .exe modification done? I would like to run a muck in zombies every once in a while.

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